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The Importance of Joining the Insiders Hockey League

The Insiders Hockey League has opened a window of opportunity to ice hockey players and teams who would like to become masters in their art. This new Lower Mainland’s league is signing up more teams and full-time players to join this journey of rethinking and transforming the hockey experience into a safe, fun, and lovely venture where everyone can identify with. It has been designed to be an open, inclusive hockey league where players of all skill levels and backgrounds can team up for the love of the game. It is committed to bringing onboard people who may have been kept off the ice due to the old and outdated ‘aggressive’ nature of hockey tradition here in Canada, by introducing a gentler and kinder approach, where respect is valued and prioritized.

The league has lined up intense training sessions, learning opportunities, interactions with experienced team members, and an array of competitions that will expose every new player to high-level performance, and put them on a path to their own greatness as players. Choosing to join this league will have your passion for the game ignited, and help you develop a positive hockey-psyche to levels you have never experienced before. Moreover, you will be joining an exciting community of energetic and enthusiastic men and women of all skill levels, camaraderie, and a good, clean fun sporting complex that is suitable for all your needs as a sportsperson.

This new league is on a growth trajectory having experienced an exponential increase in their team members only recently from five players to over 180, a testament that it is becoming a force to reckon with in the field of ice hockey here in Canada. The league has a flexibility-scheduling package where people with unpredictable schedules and cannot commit to a particular practice and game schedule, have a chance to play as their schedules allow. With this package, the players are at liberty to choose which games they want to participate in. Its eight league run teams have the flexibility of being altered to compete with the elite to beginner level teams.

Another unique characteristic of this league is that teams can join at any time during the season provided they give a one-week prior notice. You also have the freedom to choose the day when you want your team to play. The league can also provide you with more teammates in case you need to fill up a position or diversify your team. As the ice hockey games are almost every day of the week, you have a chance to get countless opportunities to play multiple times in the course of the season.

The Insiders Hockey League, it is not all about competition but how the game is played as well. This is why they are seeking to elevate this experience by providing opportunities for all skill levels day in day out. It is a fun-filled learning experience with fellow team members and working hard together to achieve their targets. This league is for you if you believe in quality competitions, fair play, respect, and fun. The league values everyone’s contribution to the game.

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