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Benefits Of Regular Bible Study

The psalmist was inspired to write that the word of God is a lamp to the believer’s feet and a light to their path. The incredible benefits of regular bible study can never be overstated. Here are awesome benefits of regularly tapping into the scriptures at the ministry library or home.

Studying the Bible regularly helps believers to avoid sin and overcome temptation. In the book of Psalms 119:11, David mentions that he has hidden the word of God in his heart so that he might not sin against the creator. If you are wondering how this works, studying the scriptures keeps Christians from sinning by constantly reminding them about the huge favor and power that God has given them through Christ.

The bible encourages believers with hope and promises for all those who hide the word of God in their hearts. Hiding the word of God in our hearts means regularly studying the scriptures and even memorizing some of the verses and passages that speak to your heart. When you are faced with a temptation, find a scripture that fits your situation and read a few times as it speaks to your heart.

The other benefit of regular bible study is that it helps the believer to become wise in their salvation. The scriptures helped Timothy in his youth and can help anyone who honestly seeks to benefit spiritually from the holy bible. Paul reminds Timothy about his knowledge of the holy scriptures from childhood and this made the young minister wise in his salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

The other bible verses point to the fact that Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him about the bible verses at a young age. It is because of his regular study of the bible that Timothy stood out and Paul recognized that he could rely on in the missionary journeys. When you regularly study the bible and your knowledge of the same increases, your stature and favor will increase in God’s eyes and those of fellow human beings.

Studying the scriptures regularly also helps believers to be humble among fellow believers. In the book of Deuteronomy 17, the bible mentions the king who was to make a copy of God’s word so that he could regularly study it. This helped the ruler to remain humble and walk with God rightly in the extended life of successful leadership.

Reading the scripture regularly also helps to edify the soul and be strong in Christ. God has over the years communicated to the hearts of His followers through the written word revealed to Apostles, Teachers, Prophets, Pastors, and Evangelists. These spiritual leaders hand the bible to believers and it is upon every believer to regularly study it for the edification of their soul and strength to successfully navigate the world and emerge victoriously over temptations and enter the Kingdom when Christ is revealed. To stay on the right path, you need a consistent study of the word of God at the ministry library and right at home.

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